A Breath of Clean Air Get the Grime Out of Your Home's Ductwork

T he chant is familiar: In goes the good air, out goes the bad. But just how good is the air coming into your condominium?

Ductwork and chutes are familiar elements of urban multi-family buildings, handling everything from heat to trash removal. And even townhouse-style condominiums are likely to have ducts that handle forced hot-air heating or air conditioning, and, of course, clothes dryer exhaust.

But what lurks in the depths of those ducts? Dust, lint, pet dander, pollen and more, say the professionals who spend their days clearing the air for condominium residents.

“These systems collect dust and debris, and especially, a lot of pollen in the summer,” says Michael Capillo, president of Continental Clear Air in Wakefield, Massachusetts. And for the most part, those contaminants are ignored and overlooked—until a problem arises.

“One of the primary things people notice is dust trails coming out of the registers,” Capillo says. “That’s an indication of poor filter maintenance.”


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