2008 November
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance Getting Smart
2008 November Getting Smart

Technology is affecting the way we do business, how we go about our daily tasks, and even how our homes function. Putting existing technology to use in a home or residential building is the essence of what it means to be an “intelligent” bu…

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Maintenance Clean Sweep
2008 November Clean Sweep

National Public Radio recently ran a story about a piece of advice from the latest edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac. The suggestion was about how to stay warm throughout the winter with just one log: chuck it out of an upstairs window, r…

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Maintenance Deep Cleaning
2008 November Deep Cleaning

At every condominium community it happens every hour; every day. Coffee gets spilled, mud gets tracked, windows get smeared. When residents move, errant table legs and oversized sofas can scrape black marks, and even divots, into paint…

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Maintenance Plumbing: The Depths
2008 November Plumbing: The Depths

Though mostly unseen, a building’s plumbing and piping network is one of its most important systems—as anyone who has ever had to endure a no-hot-water shower in February, or who has come home to a flooded floor can attest. Plumbing cove…

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Maintenance A Breath of Clean Air
2008 November A Breath of Clean Air

T he chant is familiar: In goes the good air, out goes the bad. But just how good is the air coming into your condominium? Ductwork and chutes are familiar elements of urban multi-family buildings, handling everything from heat to tras…

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Maintenance Stay-at-Home Seniors:
2008 November Stay-at-Home Seniors:

The golden years are a time to enjoy life, relax, and have a worry-free retirement. During our working years we plan for this time, save money and make investments for the future. But, naturally over time, the cost of living increases, u…

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Maintenance Environmental Issues
2008 November Environmental Issues

Of all the finishes inside our homes, flooring has the greatest long term impact on indoor air quality, and perhaps on the environment as a whole. Flooring finishes often contain harmful chemicals—whether in the flooring itself or in the…

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Maintenance Legal Briefs
2008 November Legal Briefs

Attempting to define the meaning of the term “improvements” under Massachusetts condominium law is a lot like trying to put your finger on a glob of jello – it can go all over the place. The Massachusetts Legislature devoted an entire se…

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