A Diamond in the Rough With the "Big Dig" Finished, the Greenway is Showing Signs of Sparkle

After 15 tumultuous years of delays and construction costs that soared from $2.6 to $14.8 billion, Boston's "Big Dig" highway project officially came to an end at the stroke of midnight on December 31.

With the ubiquitous construction crews and their attendant dirt and grime now gone, the multiple legacies of the project are starting to take shape.

The legendary traffic that used to ensnarl the Central Artery (Boston's other Green Monster) has been rerouted underground, into a series of tunnels and roads that, so far, has kept traffic moving along I-93 and to Logan Airport.

Above ground, the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway is coming into focus in the huge swath of Boston Harbor waterfront property once occupied by the now demolished Central Artery.

Named after the Kennedy family matriarch who grew up nearby, the mile-long Greenway – running from Bullfinch Triangle south to Chinatown – is best described as a diamond in the rough, a large stretch of parkland that has more potential than polish.


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