Keepin' it Clean Exterior Washing Should Be Done...Regularly

There’s the dirt and exhaust from passing cars, motorcycles and trucks, other dirt and grime carried by the wind and the rain—not to mention graffiti, stains from rusted building elements, deposits from birds, and the dreaded mold and mildew. These items stick to the outside of the building like glue, creating layer upon layer of filth and grime.

Unfortunately, a building’s exterior is not necessarily on top of the list of things to keep clean—after all, it will just pile on again, right? However, neglecting a regular exterior cleaning can lead to serious negative effects on the building and its bottom line.

How can a dirty façade negatively affect the condo? A dirty building will turn potential owners away and pull down property values. Who wants to enter a building that’s dirty on the outside? A dirty outside can only mean a dirty inside, right?

A clean façade looks good to the owners and visitors and prevents serious problems down the road like deterioration of exterior building materials. However, before this all-important exterior facelift, it’s best to understand what type of dirt is accumulating and why.

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