2009 March
Focus on... Exterior Maintenance

Maintenance New England Condo Expo
2009 March New England Condo Expo

Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 7, 2009—that’s the date of New England Condominium’s first annual New England Condo Expo, a one-day trade event featuring over 120 exhibitors from all over the region. Boston’s Seaport World TradeCent…

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Maintenance Troubled Waters
2009 March Troubled Waters

It sounds like an urban legend, something that supposedly happened to your cousin’s friend’s cousin. A little girl swam to the drain at the bottom of the pool, sat on it, got stuck on it, and drowned. Only this really happened, in a hot …

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Maintenance Staying Dry
2009 March Staying Dry

The wind howled and rain came down sideways, lasting through the night, and when Jane Aubin [not her real name] got up for work in the morning, she discovered water bubbling under the paint and down the walls on the sides of the window …

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Maintenance Keepin' it Clean
2009 March Keepin' it Clean

There’s the dirt and exhaust from passing cars, motorcycles and trucks, other dirt and grime carried by the wind and the rain—not to mention graffiti, stains from rusted building elements, deposits from birds, and the dreaded mold and m…

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Maintenance Braving the Elements
2009 March Braving the Elements

In real estate, as in life, first impressions are everything. It certainly holds true for condominiums. Whether it’s a high-rise or part of a community of homes, a building and the way it looks can speak volumes not only to outsiders but…

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Maintenance Newport, Rhode Island
2009 March Newport, Rhode Island

Everyone wants to talk about Newport—the people who live there, the musicians who play there, the tourists who visit there. The city’s slogan is “America’s First Resort,” and this label seems to have held true in some manner or …

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Maintenance Hanging Out
2009 March Hanging Out

Ever since Romeo and Juliet made them famous, balconies have been popular additions to our homes and living spaces. For condominium communities, balconies can add an extra perk, a few more feet of living space that allow us to enjoy the …

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