Let's Be Perfectly Clear The Importance of Pool Maintenance

 When summer rolls around many New Englanders can be found at The Cape, Nantucket  or Martha’s Vineyard or any of the numerous beaches that are dotted along the Northeast  coast. New England’s stunning water vistas are rivaled only by its swimming pools. The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), based in Alexandria, Virginia noted a total of  131,217 in-ground pools in Massachusetts, according to 2011 statistics. If you  add in pools in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine you have a very  impressive amount of recreational water requiring maintenance and monitoring.  

 A Must-Have Amenity

 A swimming pool is considered a must-have amenity for many luxury condominium  properties. Pools create an atmosphere and an ambiance for any property. They  are often a backdrop for social and recreational events and meetings. Beach  lovers frequently favor pools for a refreshing swim—minus sand and harsh salt water—followed by a relaxing soak in the spa. Pool exercise classes, or water  aerobics, are another great source of recreation, and hot tubs offer  therapeutic relief for a host of ailments, as well as an enjoyable relaxation  experience. When family and guests come to visit, an on-site pool offers a  convenient recreational outlet for all ages. Even a non-swimmer can enjoy a  barbecue or cocktail party when the setting includes a lush pool landscape  decorated for the event.  

 “A condo or co-op with a pool is much more appealing than one without, for the  very same reason that people often choose their hotel at a vacation destination  based on the pool,” says Lisa S. Grepps, director of marketing & communications for the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. “And the reason most hotels prominently feature their pools and water features in  literature and on the web is that people simply love to be in and around the  water. From APSP research we know that the top reason people are drawn to pools  is for the relaxation and fun they provide. A pool or hot-tub in a condo/co-op  setting enables more opportunity to enjoy the water and connect with family,  friends and neighbors.”  

 Some of the more luxurious condos in the Boston area, for example, have  full-sized or lap pools for residents to enjoy. Boston’s 45 Province has a full package of hotel-style amenities and sports a  fully-equipped workout facility with a four seasons indoor/outdoor pool. Among  other amenities, Four Seasons Boston condos also have an indoor pool  overlooking the Public Gardens of Boston Common. And in Connecticut, a new  homeowners association in Darien, an award-winning luxury property called  Kensett, enjoys a newly-built Meeting House-style clubhouse with a heated lap  pool, a private soaking pool, and an outdoor fire pit.  

 Above-ground pools are a possible alternative to a traditional pool for  residential homes, but not an optimal choice for condominium properties or  public facilities, partly because they’re not nearly as durable as in-ground models, and because they may also prove  difficult to modify for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act  (ADA).  


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