New England 2011 Legislative Roundup Statehouses Tackle Issues from Finances to Flags to Clotheslines

Many of the issues contained within legislation in the 2011 session concern governance and membership rights during a time of economic stringency. They range from Maine’s regulation updates, and measures to alleviate foreclosure impacts, to efforts in Connecticut and Massachusetts to confine differences between residents and board associations to the condominium forum, rather than add government regulations.

In Vermont, unit owners in small condominium developments are seeking relief from the expense of installing fire and carbon monoxide monitors designed for larger public housing. In New Hampshire, a veteran’s right to fly the U.S. flag has been upheld, and in Rhode Island, intrusions into common space were on the table.

The following issues may be resolved, or dismissed, as each state’s legislature draws to an end:


LD 1332 would amend the 30-year-old Maine Condominium Act to provide better guidance to condo associations on governance procedures and membership rights, and takes steps to improve the financial stability of associations during foreclosures.

The act has not been substantially altered over the years, says Bruce McGlauflin of Petruccelli, Martin & Haddow of Portland, who serves as co-chairman of the Maine Legislative Action Committee for the New England chapter of the Community Associations Institute (CAI-NE). “Much has occurred and changed in the interim, and it is high time for an update of the Maine Condominium Act,” he says.


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