2011 June
Focus on... Law & Legislation

Q&A: Owner Delinquent on Association Dues
2011 June Q&A: Owner Delinquent on Association Dues

Q: Our condo association, which is private, has a situation that seems to be going nowhere. One of the units in the association has been for sale for over two years and the owner has not paid their monthly dues in three-plus years. We …

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Law & Legislation “What Documents?”
2011 June “What Documents?”

After the excitement of buying a condo, homeowners may stuff the official documents in a shoebox and forget about them. Even the owners who serve on association boards may not be familiar with the documents, which include things like t…

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Law & Legislation New England 2011 Legislative Roundup
2011 June New England 2011 Legislative Roundup

Many of the issues contained within legislation in the 2011 session concern governance and membership rights during a time of economic stringency. They range from Maine’s regulation updates, and measures to alleviate foreclosure impacts…

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Law & Legislation No Time Like the Precedent
2011 June No Time Like the Precedent

 Board members and property managers have all experienced finger pointing, in  which the accusation, “You let them do it, so I can too!” is front and center. Lawyers and property managers all too frequently see the  trouble that results wh…

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Law & Legislation Getting A Fair Share
2011 June Getting A Fair Share

Last year, a condo unit owner in Andover, Massachusetts, called the town’s Department of Public Works to complain that he had to drag trash containers to the end of the street and was wondering why the trucks couldn’t come by his drivewa…

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Law & Legislation Watch Your Mouth!
2011 June Watch Your Mouth!

 Anyone can be a victim of “defamation of character,” whether it’s in the form of slander (a verbal attack) or libel (slander that’s written and distributed). In the rarefied arena of residential communities,  emotions can run high when pe…

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Law & Legislation The Third Annual New England Condo Expo
2011 June The Third Annual New England Condo Expo

Launched just three years ago, New England Condominium’s annual Condo Expo has already become a fixture on the business calendar of  vendors, service providers, board members, building staff members and residents  throughout the region. Ea…

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Law & Legislation Boston's Fenway Neighborhood
2011 June Boston's Fenway Neighborhood

 Fenway is the name synonymous with Red Sox baseball and the venerable ballpark  that the beloved team calls home.    But to Bostonians who live in the distinctive neighborhood near Fenway Park,  Fenway is their home, too—a friendly…

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Law & Legislation "Do As I Say..."
2011 June "Do As I Say..."

There’s nothing worse than dealing with someone who has let their power go to their head, and when you’re talking about a co-op or condo board member who starts to act above everyone in the community, huge problems can arise. …

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Q&A: Noisy Neighbors
2011 June Q&A: Noisy Neighbors

Q: “I live in a three-floor, four-room, 30-unit condo, mostly 50-plus, with the only family with children (ages two and three) living on the third floor above me. For the past year there has been an excessive amount of constant runni…

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