The Third Annual New England Condo Expo A Learning and Networking Experience for All

Launched just three years ago, New England Condominium’s annual Condo Expo has already become a fixture on the business calendar of  vendors, service providers, board members, building staff members and residents  throughout the region. Each year, they converge under one roof to learn about  new products and technologies, exchange information, network and improve how  their buildings and associations are run.  

 The 2011 Expo was no exception—nearly a thousand community association owners, board members and professionals  filled the Seaport World Trade Center on Tuesday, May 24, 2011, to visit some  120 exhibit booths and take in this year's lineup of informative educational  seminars.  

 According to Yale Robbins, president of Yale Robbins, Inc., producer of the Expo  and publisher of New England Condominium, producing the Expo is more than just organizing a trade show. “Obviously our goal is to present attendees with information and products that  will make running their associations easier and more efficient, but we also put  a great deal of thought into the bigger picture, anticipating trends and trying  to broaden and build on our offerings from one year to the next.”  

 Henry Robbins, executive vice president and director of sales for Yale Robbins,  Inc., agrees, adding that despite the sluggishness of the economy overall,  attendance and interest in the Expo—both from vendors and attendees—has shown steady growth over the past three years. “It's really our exhibitors and our attendees who make this show what it is,” says Robbins. “Their enthusiasm and interest is contagious—the fact that the event grows and draws more people each year is proof of that.”  

 Education, Advice & More

 Along with the exhibitor booths, one of New England Condominium’s annual Condo Expo mainstays is the day’s lineup of educational seminars. For this year’s Expo, four different topics were presented by an array of experts from every  corner of the industry.  


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