On the Level Does Your Ueven Sidewalk Need Mudjacking?

Years ago, the only remedy for uneven sidewalks or foundations was what pros in the business call “rip out and replace,” which means tearing out the old pavement slab and pouring a new one – and spending a lot of time and money doing it.

But today, rip-and-replace is likely to be passed over in favor of “mudjacking” – also sometimes called “slabjacking” – and for a lot less time, hassle, and money, your sidewalk, concrete stoop, or slab foundation can be level again.

Determine The Need

The need for mudjacking is usually easy to spot. If a section of sidewalk or slab foundation has sunk into the ground – and the section hasn’t crumbled or disintegrated too much – a specialist begins by drilling a small hole through the slab. Once completed, a mud-like substance, commonly referredto as “slurry,” is pumped through the opening, creating pressure to lift the slab back into position. The hose is then retracted, and the hole is filled in with concrete or asphalt.

While the process – and accompanying result – may sound almost too goodto be true, concrete industry professionals say it’s a sound solution that can save time, disruption, and money.


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