Rental Remedies Growing Numbers of Non-Owners Pose Challenges

Chris D’Errico has handled about 1,000 residential rentals in the Boston area since  2003. These days, more and more of his calls are from condominium owners.  Unable to find buyers for their homes, they’re turning to renting them. “It’s up about 50 percent from last year,” says D’Errico, the president of Greater Boston Properties in Winchester, Massachusetts.  “It’s a good thing.”

But what's been good business for D’Errico can mean headaches for condominium boards and associationsnot prepared to deal with an influx of renters.

Obviously, some tenants are model citizens who never speak above a whisper. But others don’t feel a similarsense of responsibility, which can be frustrating for unit owners living in the  same building.  

Once renters move in, condo boardscan find themselves facing a growing number of complaints about noise, damage to  common areas, and, in the worst cases, declining property values. But  fortunately, there are a variety of remedies for mitigating problems associated  with the growing tide of renters.

In order to maintain a harmonious environment – as well as protect members’ investments – “it’s importantto be proactive rather than reactive,” says Christine Monaghan, CPM, director of property management for Churchill & Banks Companies in Providence, Rhode Island.


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  • I would like to connect with trustees from associations who have enacted rental restrictions. As a member of our board we are considering this and would like to hear about your experiences.
  • I see your question is 4 years old. Could you share with me the results of your rental restrictions. Our board is considering restrictions
  • Were you both able to make these changes. I'm very interested in this. I wish I had seen this a few years ago. Thank you for any help you can give me.
  • Would also like to connect with associations who have enacted rental restrictions with either maximum number or percentage of total units than can be rented. Thank you.
  • Nancy, our HOA docs has that rentals must be 'at least 6 months' and approved by the board. Since, we also have FHA certification which requires no more than 5% of units are rentals and FHA Cert is for the benefit of owners (esp. during a sale) the board operates with these rules and issues when potential rentals are approved or not.
  • Brooklyn Brown-Northrup on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 12:03 AM
    Julie Banda if I may ask, what is the total number of units in your HOA? I manage an HOA in Salem, MA and we're starting the process to amend our HOA docs to address rental units.
  • We have 58 units (townhomes) in San Antonio. The docs are like 60 years old. But FHA cert. is an issue that is a board decision to keep the cert. or not.
  • We have a 17 unit (one building) condo property in Rhode Island, can we restrict all Units to be owner-occupied? HELP!