Snow Time! Plan Ahead for Winter Survival

The contractors who helped dig out the region’s condo properties last winter  agree on one thing—the associations that were ‘rescued’ first were the ones with solid vendor relationships.

And a little reality-check doesn’t hurt either.

Robert Pappalardo, vice president at U.S. Pavement Services in Woburn, Massachusetts, stresses that the best thing associations can do is form an agreement—well ahead of time—with the vendors who can help a community in a winter emergency.  “Summer is the time to reach out and create some kind of plan with contractors,” he states, “since, by September, they are starting to sort out their bids and contracts for winter snow and ice clearing.” 

Most importantly, he notes, “is including specific items in the plan, spelling out what you need, starting with basic plowing… pushing the snow to wherever it can be stored onsite. Second, outline a plan for de-icing (paved surfaces). And third, consider how snow can be hauled away if need be.” 

“Hauling and snow removal services were at a premium last winter,” he continues, “and properties without a vendor under agreement, well ahead of time, were really left hanging.”


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