2015 November
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance Inside A Building’s Anatomy
2015 November Inside A Building’s Anatomy

If you think about it, a multifamily building isn’t that much different than the human body. Both house important complex operating systems and organ-like pieces of vital equipment;  both take in fuel and produce waste; and both require reg…

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Maintenance A Look at Elevator Maintenance
2015 November A Look at Elevator Maintenance

Building amenities such as elevator systems are often taken for granted. But elevators are for more than just avoiding a workout and creating awkward silences between neighbors; they accommodate residents unable to climb stairs and are crit…

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Maintenance Securing Your Building Exteriors
2015 November Securing Your Building Exteriors

Exteriors of buildings aren’t always smooth brick walls. There are all sorts of indentations and protrusions, from terraces to stonework to cornices. There are also items that are not part of the building, but are affixed to it, like scaffo…

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Maintenance Vetting Your Professionals
2015 November Vetting Your Professionals

There is always work to be done on a building, whether it’s a simple lobby repair or a major capital improvement, but finding the right contractor for the job takes some work. If the vetting process is not done properly, the results could b…

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Maintenance Snow Time!
2015 November Snow Time!

The contractors who helped dig out the region’s condo properties last winter  agree on one thing—the associations that were ‘rescued’ first were the ones with solid vendor relationships. And a little reality-check doesn’t hurt either. Rob…

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Maintenance Maintaining a Healthy Building
2015 November Maintaining a Healthy Building

It was January 1977 when the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) first identified and isolated a previously unknown strain of bacteria found breeding in the cooling tower of a hotel air conditioning system. The bacteria, subsequently named Le…

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Q&A Q&A: These Kids are …Not Alright?
2015 November Q&A: These Kids are …Not Alright?

Q. I’m sure this is a problem in many condominium communities. It’s the age-old dispute of noisy neighbors and how to get a satisfactory resolution. By way of background, I live in a three-floor, four-room, 30-unit condominium. The commun…

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