Summertime Safety Warm Weather Offers No Respite From Danger

 Ah, summertime! It’s a great time for property managers to kick back and relax! Except for that  out-of-control grill fire on the deck of unit 31 that nearly jumped to adjacent  units. And that pesky 13-year-old who broke his finger during horseplay in the  community swimming pool.  

 Actually, maybe summertime isn’t the best time for condo managers to let their guard down.  

 Unfortunately, with the increase in outdoor activity that summertime brings, the  potential for injuries on the property jumps, along with the need for  additional safety measures. To get though the summer without mishap, safety  experts recommend a whole series of precautions to managers.

 Swimming Pools

 The swimming pool and the surrounding area are where most injuries or deaths  occur in the summertime.  

 One of the easiest ways to cut downon these potential disasters is to hire lifeguards, according to Brandon  Whitman, CPO, owner of LionHeart Contracting, a maintenance, construction and  staffing firm in Franklin, Massachusetts.  


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