2009 July
Focus on... Community Budgets & Finance

Finance Drafting a Budget in Uncertain Times
2009 July Drafting a Budget in Uncertain Times

Even in the best of economic times, preparing a condominium's annual budget is a tiresome task, fraught with uncertainty, estimations and shifting numbers. Now, factor in one of the most challenging economic downturns in a century with …

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Finance How Low Can You Go?
2009 July How Low Can You Go?

Bad economic news is pretty much inescapable these days. You can’t turn on the TV without hearing about another round of layoffs or shaky consumer confidence. The stock market is unstable, retirement funds are shedding value, the housin…

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Finance Selling the Increase
2009 July Selling the Increase

When these decisions have to be made, boards must consider the best way to include residents in their thought process. And when the board of trustees comes to the conclusion that fees must be raised, hopefully they’ll announce it in a m…

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Finance Managing Your Reserve Fund
2009 July Managing Your Reserve Fund

In today's harsh economic times, maintaining a healthy reserve fund is more important than ever. A community association’s reserve fund can be used to cover any number of emergency expenses from sudden repairs to legal costs. In additio…

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Finance Summertime Safety
2009 July Summertime Safety

 Ah, summertime! It’s a great time for property managers to kick back and relax! Except for that  out-of-control grill fire on the deck of unit 31 that nearly jumped to adjacent  units. And that pesky 13-year-old who broke his finger durin…

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