We Don’t Hear You Handling Board Complaints

Communication is vital to running a successful condo complex or co-op building. So what happens when dwellers complain that board members are not listening and—even worse —ignoring their problems?

Well, you can bet it will not foster warm, fuzzy open lines of communication. Instead, it creates animosity and even more problems for a now unpopular, indifferent board.

It doesn’t have to be that way, of course. With a few techniques and strategies, boards can handle homeowner complaints and queries—ranging from noise, odors, pet waste, late-night furniture rearranging, leaks, squeaks—and owners can understand what to reasonably expect from their boards when it comes to resolving problems.

Here’s how it can work to the benefit of both parties to make problem solving not necessarily easier but more realistic.

Owners’ High Expectations vs.

Overworked Board

“First, owners need to understand that a board has many irons in the fire,” says Jared McNabb, PCAM, director of acquisitions for Crowninshield Management Corp. in Peabody, Massachusetts. “Board members are trying to solve problems, addressing issues, walking the property, answering questions from owners—plus reviewing correspondence, owner requests, property variances, and architectural modifications. Consequently, the board may be unable to quickly resolve an owner’s problem. Being a board member is a big job and it’s a volunteer position.”


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  • A new Board was recently elected in opposition to the previous Board which was about to impose an assessment to cover necessary, long overdue repairs and improvements on the property. The new Board, in order to appease the residents who voted them into office returned pool furniture which was purchased by previous Board. It has become necessary for residents to bring their own chaise lounges to the pool in order to have comfortable seating. The majority of the residents who voted for the new Trustees do not use the pool. I for one, have a health issue that mandates that I elevate my legs when I am sitting. We have only 8 pool chaise lounges in a community of 120 condos. What legal action may I take to rectify this injustice to the residents who use the pool?
  • alliedsupplyofne@aol.com on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 11:35 AM
    We live in a new condo complex still not finished. We have a board who fails to run the board in what we believe is the proper way. They are spending assoc. money without getting multiple quotes. Presently they are attempting to have the assoc. vote on an amendment which would take away many fundamental rights of coverage by the assoc. dealing with items found on the exterior of the units. We believe they are doing this because they are unable to manage the property with the funds currently available. I am a member of a board in Florida and recognize what I believe to be poor management. The board paid to get legal clarification of our master deed and by-laws as to responsibility for repairs & maintenance of exterior elements and received a clear explanation which indicated assoc.. responsibility. The board the turned around and ask this attorney to draft an amendment which would transfer all responsibility to the home owner of each unit. Our condominium is in Massachusetts. I have tried to find information in Gen. Laws of MA and find that there is no specific guidelines indicating the proper way a board must conduct themselves and their responsibilities to the membership? We have a pending Annual meeting Sept 2-2015. We are willing to try to gain 2/3 of the membership to vote against the amendment, but we recognize the importance of having another motion or amendment which would clarify the memberships rights of coverage. The current amendment attempts to challenge & supersede the master deed. Which I believe could be argued that the master deed has precedence over any by-law etc. Is it possible for you to make recommendations as to wear I can find documentation which could be used to show our board the proper ways for dealing with our problems.......THANK YOU !