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Energy Conservation Plastic bucket with different cleaning supplies isolated on white
2022 November Greener Cleaning

In recent years, concern over accelerating climate change has put increasing emphasis on ‘going green.’ This broad trend encompasses everything from what we eat to what we wear, to how we build our homes, and how we clean them. With the glo…

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Maintenance cracked and bandaged piggy bank with one dollar bill inside it
Financial, Physical, & Operational Health

In early 2020, our firm was hired to prepare a reserve study for an unremarkable 136-unit, 12-story condominium in south Florida. It was the kind of association you could drive right by without noticing, not much different from all the othe…

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Maintenance Energy efficiency mobile app on screen. Ecology, eco house concept
2022 September New Green Tech for the Multifamily Sector

In the beginning … there was light. And all this time later, we are finally harnessing light’s energy to power our cities, our buildings, and our everyday devices—mostly because all of the energy sources we’ve used until now emit incalculab…

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Management Garbage sorting and recycle background with color trash bins. Organic, paper, plastic, metal and glass sorting. Reduce reuse recycle slogan.
2022 September Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Saving the planet from the effects of climate change is an urgent—and gargantuan—task. It’s such a huge, global issue that the actions of individuals and small entities like co-op and condominium communities to help can seem pitifully inade…

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Management Businesswoman climbs on a stack of books to knowledge. Education and professional career concept. MBA. Modern vector illustration.
2022 September Continuing Education for Managers

While practical experience may be the best source of education for property managers, a little refresher in the classroom from time to time never hurts. Requirements for continuing property manager education vary from state to state, and ev…

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Management A stuffed wallet lying on the radiator and a small blue piggy bank, The concept of rising apartment heating costs
2022 September Fuel Prices Soar for Co-ops, Condos, & HOAs

As temperatures around the globe reach dangerous highs, many places are hitting the highest temperatures they’ve ever recorded - yet large-scale federal action on climate legislation is stymied. War rages on in Ukraine; inflation dogs econo…

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Insurance Tiny wooden houses and question mark. Home valuation and selection.
2022 August Insurance in the Multifamily Setting

Insurance coverage and the inevitable claims that coverage defends against are a fact of life for multifamily residential communities. In that setting, it’s critical for all parties to understand whose policy covers what, and under what cir…

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