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Management Staff Safety 101
2020 January Staff Safety 101

With few exceptions, most multifamily buildings or communities have at least one or two staff members (and sometimes many more) who maintain the safety, security, cleanliness, mechanical operations, and day-to-day functions that residents a…

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Management Introducing New Security Tech in Your Building
2020 January Introducing New Security Tech in Your Building

In today’s world of high-tech property management and building security, there are more options than ever for managers and boards to choose from to keep their communities on the cutting edge. There are web- and device-based apps for everyth…

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Management The Evolution of  Property Management
2020 January The Evolution of Property Management

Like so many other sectors of the economy, residential real estate management has changed and evolved since the turn of the millennium—and like those other sectors, much of that evolution is directly linked to the development and adoption o…

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Management Absent Owners
2019 June Absent Owners

Once upon a time, you usually greeted your neighbor in the hallway of your building as you were coming or going. But you haven’t seen or heard a peep from her in almost two months. You wonder if she is okay.   So you ask the super one morn…

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Management Keys, Key Fobs, and Door Codes
2019 May Keys, Key Fobs, and Door Codes

It’s been a long time since most people have felt comfortable just leaving their front doors unlocked. For better or worse, security has become the order of the day – and technology follows security needs.  Today, that path leads to electr…

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Management Co-ops, Condos & Kids
2019 May Co-ops, Condos & Kids

While children are most certainly the future, in the present they can often be a bit of a handful. In buildings and associations where residents live in close quarters, it’s inevitable that unit owners without kids will cross paths with the…

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Management Considering a Change in Management?
2019 May Considering a Change in Management?

When a community association enters into a contract with a professional management company, board members may feel a sense of relief. After all, much of the burden of running the community’s daily operations has now been transferred to (hop…

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Management Welcome Aboard
2019 January Welcome Aboard

Little in life is more nerve-wracking than that first day on a new job: ‘Are you prepared to do this?’ ‘Are you even qualified to do this?’ ‘Is your shirt buttoned correctly?’ ‘It is, right?’ ‘Why does it look wrong?’ ‘Should you change you…

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Management Running Small Associations
2019 January Running Small Associations

Condominium associations come in all sizes and shapes. They can contain hundreds of units, or as few as two. While many of the issues faced by associations are universal regardless of size, small condominium associations do face some unique…

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