2007 Aug
Focus on... Protecting our Community

Insurance Soup to Nuts
2007 Aug Insurance Soup to Nuts

As downsizing Baby Boomers join first-time buyers in their initiation to condominium living, industry professionals say both groups have a lot to learn about condominium insurance. Many new owners mistakenly believe that unit owners …

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Fast, Convenient, and Possibly Dangerous
2007 Aug Fast, Convenient, and Possibly Dangerous

Technology has changed the way we communicate and the way we think about communicating. Cell phones, which didn't exist a decade ago, have become not just an addition but an appendage. No one, it seems, leaves their home (or office) with…

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How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?
2007 Aug How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Imagine a perfect neighborhood: it's reminiscent of the neighborhoods of the 1950s. Warm, friendly faces, holiday parties, carpools, and unlocked doors are the norms. Such neighborhoods do exist today, but in modern times that perfect im…

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Water, Water Everywhere...Revisited
2007 Aug Water, Water Everywhere...Revisited

In the fall of 1989, I delivered a presentation at the National Conference of Community Associations Institute in Dallas, Texas. My presentation was about why buildings leak. At that point in my career, I had been involved with thousands…

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Market Meltdown
2007 Aug Market Meltdown

Much as the subprime mortgage market has dominated recent financial news, there is no readily agreed upon definition of the term. The most common description is the lender-given designation for borrowers with low credit scores (FICO scor…

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Fair & Balanced
2007 Aug Fair & Balanced

Let your imagination run a little wild. The kids are creating a nuisance at the condo pool this summer, so wouldn't it be popular to create an adults-only swim time? Or better yet, why not pass a new rule banning teenagers from skate…

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Avoid Asking, for Fear of Looking Stupid
2007 Aug Avoid Asking, for Fear of Looking Stupid

I often work with the boards of directors of not-for-profit associations. Most of these groups include very sophisticated individual members who have day jobs that range from vice presidents of human resources to corporate lawyers to cha…

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