2007 July
Focus on... Building Community Spirit

Electing Those Called to Serve
2007 July Electing Those Called to Serve

It was a typical sunny July morning in New England. Hot cups of coffee and the big Sunday papers were being enjoyed in communities across the region: in Rhode Island, Charles was at the breakfast table on the tenth floor of his spacious …

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The New Rules for Recruiting Volunteers
2007 July The New Rules for Recruiting Volunteers

If volunteering since September 11 has experienced a full-scale revival, why are so many condominiums still struggling to fill boards and organize events? The simple answer is the condominiums are not asking potential volunteers the …

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You Don't Say?
2007 July You Don't Say?

In the past few months, much radio air time has been devoted to the post-Imus considerations of how to respond to inappropriate verbal and written language. These issues are pervasive and extend well beyond radio talk shows, including in…

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A Numbers Game
2007 July A Numbers Game

It's a numbers game. As association homeowners gather for their annual meeting to discuss important issues and elect new board members, the count is on. Maybe, just maybe, business will be transacted tonight. Then again, maybe not. …

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Smart, Affordable Housing
2007 July Smart, Affordable Housing

Until recently, Massachusetts encouraged the development of affordable housing through Chapter 40B, an unpopular law characterized by critics as a sledgehammer that allows developers to bypass local zoning laws and build developments tha…

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Signs of Trouble
2007 July Signs of Trouble

Given the attention that well-managed condominiums pay to preserving architectural integrity and fostering a carefully maintained appearance, it's no wonder that they bristle at the appearance of flamingo lawn ornaments or other outdoor …

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No Effort Required
2007 July No Effort Required

Can you believe it?" my friend Faith confided. "Gerald takes eight different pills a day, and I think all that medication mix is affecting him. The doctors are working on figuring out what to do." Her confidences concerned her overweight…

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Bed Bugs Redux
2007 July Bed Bugs Redux

In January 2006, we reported on the reemergence of bed bugs in the Northeast. Unfortunately, bed bug infestation problems in condominiums have not lessened at all during the ensuing period of time. Quite the contrary: property managers, …

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