2007 June
Focus on... Going Green

A Call to Action
2007 June A Call to Action

When most people hear the term green building, they often think of photovoltaic solar panels, cisterns, wind turbines, or straw bale homes. With these images in mind, it's no wonder that people think green building is a fringe alternativ…

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How Green Is My Condo
2007 June How Green Is My Condo

While we were all busy with other things, LEED came mainstream. No less a source than the Harvard Business Review agreed that green building is good in a June 2006 article by Charles Lockwood, an environmental and real estate consultant.…

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Greening Your Home
2007 June Greening Your Home

It's almost impossible these days to open the daily newspaper and not see an article on the rapid growth of green building, the technique of using sustainable design to build homes with renewable materials used prudently in an effort to …

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Expensive Errors
2007 June Expensive Errors

At the outset, overplanted landscapes and gardens look great. They're lush and full from the get-go, and they make a wonderful first impression. But from that first day onward, an overplanted garden or landscape will evolve from a thing …

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The Family Friendly 40B
2007 June The Family Friendly 40B

When Massachusetts lawmakers passed the state's 40B zoning law in 1969, their goal was to increase dramatically the quantity of affordable housing units in the state. Since that time, the legislation has been responsible for a massi…

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A Safe and Fun Summer at the Pool
2007 June A Safe and Fun Summer at the Pool

You've hustled, sweated, and cajoled to get the pool open by Memorial Day. With all the hard work done, you can kick back and downshift to cruise control until the end of the swim season. Or can you? Unfortunately for property manage…

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Vale, No Pasa Nada Y Tranquila
2007 June Vale, No Pasa Nada Y Tranquila

W hen you read this title, did you think that I might be enjoying a little tequila as I wrote? If so, I'm sorry to say that that was not quite the case. But it's probably fair to say that I am drunk on Spain, where I recently spent two w…

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Fiberglass 102
2007 June Fiberglass 102

Window replacement projects are a big proposition for any homeowner. Making an educated decision is critical, and any time spent in the planning phase is well worth the investment. This is particularly true if you are researching on beha…

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