2007 Oct
Focus on... Buildings From the Ground Up

Finding The Best Fit
2007 Oct Finding The Best Fit

A little introspection will go a long way towards choosing the right management company for your property. Take the time to examine the makeup of your resident population, the physical needs of the infrastructure and the personalities an…

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Unwelcome Guests
2007 Oct Unwelcome Guests

They arrive in packing crates, hidden in the wood slats and shavings that cushion manufactured goods from the other side of the earth. Sometimes they travel around the country in cordwood, delivered conveniently at suburban patios a…

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Back to the Future
2007 Oct Back to the Future

Do you remember when the screen door would slam as Johnny ran across the porch to the sidewalk and yelled, "I'll be back later!" He joined his gang of friends and went to the ball field to be outdoors all day. At the turn of the twe…

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Green Generation
2007 Oct Green Generation

Many condominiums these days are looking to save energy and go "green," but are concerned that doing the environmentally right thing will cost them a lot of green, as in cash. Discouragingly, energy-saving items like super efficient repl…

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Lessons From The Lemonade Stand
2007 Oct Lessons From The Lemonade Stand

Everyone reading this article has passed dozens of lemonade stands in their lifetimes, especially on those hot lazy, hazy summer days. This article was crafted to see if there are subtle, yet classic lessons that we can all learn from th…

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Let There Be Light & Color
2007 Oct Let There Be Light & Color

The days are getting shorter and drabness is setting in at the condominium. The association's well-tended garden has lost all its color, and its beautiful architectural features no longer shine as the sun makes its annual retreat. In…

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Filling a Position or Nurturing Talent
2007 Oct Filling a Position or Nurturing Talent

Many, many people are very unhappy in their jobs, yet I suspect that one of the barriers to their changing positions is the daunting job search process. Much career advice is given to people as to how they should craft their resumes and …

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