2012 February
Focus on... Board/Owner Relations

The New England Condo Expo
2012 February The New England Condo Expo

Are you looking for a new management company or financial advisor? Does your landscaping need an expert green thumb? Is your roof weather-beaten from the ravages of the New England winter? Help is on the way this spring with t…

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Owner Relations Involved & Invested
2012 February Involved & Invested

It's a problem as old as community associations themselves: How do managers increase interest in the possibility of board service? “You know, it’s very common,” says Lynne Kelly, president of Kelly Property Management in Burlington, Mass…

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Owner Relations Renters on the Rise in Condominiums
2012 February Renters on the Rise in Condominiums

While the real estate boom—and subsequent bust—may not have created a significant boost in the number of renters within condominium communities, rentals today do impact condo neighbors and ultimately, market values. Any uptick …

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Owner Relations All That Glitters
2012 February All That Glitters

While new condominium construction is often viewed as premium real estate, the old adage “all that glitters isn’t gold,” holds true in many cases. Some condominium owners, sadly, have found that builders may have cut corners on workmans…

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Real Estate Trends Revisiting Reverse Mortgages
2012 February Revisiting Reverse Mortgages

According to the latest U.S. Census, although the Northeast has the smallest number of people aged 65 and over, the region is home to the highest percentage of over-65 residents: just over 14 percent. Connecticut ranks among the top fi…

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Maintenance Following the Golden Rule
2012 February Following the Golden Rule

Every condo association has its own house rules—rules and regulations (hopefully) based on common sense and aimed at protecting residents’ safety and quality of life without undue disruption or inconvenience. Most unit owners w…

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Q&A: Can We Control the Volume in Common Areas?
2012 February Q&A: Can We Control the Volume in Common Areas?

Q As part of its common elements, our new condo contains an atrium and courtyard, which is close to our unit. Residents can rent it out for events until 11 p.m. Unfortunately, these events get very loud and we’ve asked the residents if …

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Q&A: Does the Community Need a Lifeguard?
2012 February Q&A: Does the Community Need a Lifeguard?

Q I am the president in our condo community, which has a swimming pool. The question has come up as to whether or not a lifeguard is required by law. One of the other board members is insisting that because we are a private community, …

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