2013 February
Focus on... Board/Owner Relations

Owner Relations Neighbor to Neighbor
2013 February Neighbor to Neighbor

 Can’t we all just get along? It’s a million-dollar question. When people move into a community, they often look  for the friendliness and camaraderie that living in an association brings. But  with many personalities often butting heads o…

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Owner Relations Taming Transient Turnmoil
2013 February Taming Transient Turnmoil

As housing markets in many parts of the country—including New England—have foundered, many developers have opted to convert portions of communities originally intended to be condominiums into rental properties. When a development with n…

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The New England Condo Expo-May 21, 2013
2013 February The New England Condo Expo-May 21, 2013

 Whether you’ve just taken a seat on your condominium board, or are an old hand at  association leadership, the position can be a daunting one.    There are vendors to hire, budgets to balance and complaints to field. How do  you fi…

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Owner Relations Better, Stronger, Faster...
2013 February Better, Stronger, Faster...

These days, there are few people who don’t have a business website, a Facebook account and even a Twitter handle. It’s the same for buildings. As the rise of online social media invades nearly every aspect of our daily life, co…

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Owner Relations Building a Better Board
2013 February Building a Better Board

 Working in groups can be a challenge. Working in groups when people’s homes—and possibly their life savings—are involved can be a far greater challenge. It’s one faced every day by those brave souls who volunteer to serve on their co-op  …

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Maintenance When Winter Wanes
2013 February When Winter Wanes

 Snow, ice, freezing, thawing, refreezing all take such a toll on New England  properties that it’s practically a cliché—but it’s a cliché that condo trustees and managers have to deal with every spring.    Paul Carraccio is preside…

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Q&A: Can You Hear Me Now?
2013 February Q&A: Can You Hear Me Now?

Q Our downstairs neighbor’s children always have the TV turned to an extremely loud volume. Our condo  building is older and everything can be heard from below. We have tried to  resolve the issue peacefully and spoke to them to turn it d…

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Q&A: Unpaid Assessments
2013 February Q&A: Unpaid Assessments

Q I am the property manager for a medium-sized condo association. There is an  owner who is several months behind on their assessment. We have followed the  standard protocol of the association of sending out notices and it has reached  t…

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