2013 September
Focus on... Energy & The Environment

Energy Conservation New England Takes the LEED
2013 September New England Takes the LEED

There are two ways, and only two ways, to balance a budget: increase revenue or decrease spending. Whether you’re the treasurer of a co-op board or the President of the United States, those are the only two levers at your disposal. Energy …

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Energy Conservation Benchmarking and Energy Audits
2013 September Benchmarking and Energy Audits

Baseball legend Yogi Berra once said, “You’ve got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going because you might not get there.” He might not have said it perfectly, but dear old Yogi had the right idea. Without knowing where y…

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Energy Conservation Garbage Can Be Gold
2013 September Garbage Can Be Gold

It’s hard to believe that recycling was a pretty novel concept not too long ago, especially for municipalities. In the 1970s and ‘80s, local governments started to establish recycling programs due to rising energy prices and a growing conc…

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Energy Conservation Old Man Winter's Coming
2013 September Old Man Winter's Coming

A cold, wet spring turned quickly into a hot, humid summer rife with thunderstorms and localized flooding throughout the northeast. As autumn starts to paint the region’s foliage, community association boards and managers are looking at lo…

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Board Operations When Snowbirds Fly
2013 September When Snowbirds Fly

The carefree lifestyle of condominium residents may make an owner feel as though taking off for a winter in Florida is a simple as removing the trash and locking the unit doors. Managers will explain that it’s not so simple. Jeff Mar…

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Board Operations Electric Revolution?
2013 September Electric Revolution?

Whether condo associations will buy into the so-called “electric highway” has become the perennial $64,000 question. And the answer? Maybe — eventually. The demand isn’t there yet, but just how fast this wave of the future is t…

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Q & A: Switching Managers
2013 September Q & A: Switching Managers

Only two trustees are left on our board. Everybody else resigned. I am one of the trustees remaining on the board but as the longest-serving trustee, I wish to terminate the contract of the manager and the management company. We are not all…

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Q & A: Release of Confidential information
2013 September Q & A: Release of Confidential information

My neighbor has a dispute with our condo association. She wrote them requesting information concerning her payments. Instead they sent her a copy of my payments and five other condo unit owners. They released my checking account information…

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