Electric Revolution? Charging Stations are Moving into New England, But Slowly

Whether condo associations will buy into the so-called “electric highway” has become the perennial $64,000 question.

And the answer? Maybe — eventually.

The demand isn’t there yet, but just how fast this wave of the future is traveling remains unknown. Board members would be wise to explore the trend now, before greenhouse gas laws overtake them.

Thanks to its climate, New England trails behind in EV (electric vehicle) use and services. Cold weather reduces the driving range of these vehicles, so condominium managers haven’t exactly needed to consider the technology. Many say there are fewer than a handful of these vehicles on site.

What they should consider is the rate and direction of sales. While plug-in cars lag here, they are increasing (see sidebar). Still, less than 10 percent of about 53,000 plug-in vehicles sold in the U.S. during 2012 were in this region; Green Car Reports, an online newsletter of smart car use, says fewer than 750 public charging stations exist in New England. The states are, however rapidly moving in this direction.


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