2015 January
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Management Quiz Me
2015 January Quiz Me

From time to time, a co-op, condo or HOA community may have to hire a new management company. It may be that the current firm just isn’t working out or the community may have decided to transition from self-management to an outside firm. B…

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Management Mastering Your Management Partnership
2015 January Mastering Your Management Partnership

Management companies that work with community associations typically begin their working relationship by negotiating a contract. The parties involved do their best to carefully craft an agreement and the terms of service that will cover ev…

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Management Having the Proper Skill Set
2015 January Having the Proper Skill Set

Property managers are known for wearing many hats, and are expected to be expert in some very diverse topics. Few of them, however, train for and begin their careers as property managers; most came into the industry from other fields. Mana…

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Management Looking Ahead
2015 January Looking Ahead

It’s been said that the more things change, the more they stay the same. As the calendar turns to 2015, that message fits neatly into the condominium picture. There’s no doubt that new technologies, new laws and new philosophies on many as…

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Law & Legislation Transfer of Power
2015 January Transfer of Power

The condominium structure has been built, the infrastructure and amenities are in order, and unit owners are starting to buy – it’s transition time. And while it may seem inevitable that control of a condominium will somehow shift from a d…

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Q&A Q&A: Can Non-Homeowners Serve?
2015 January Q&A: Can Non-Homeowners Serve?

Q I am the vice president of a small condo community and we are trying to find out if non-homeowners can serve on the board. Several of the homeowners would like renters to have a proxy vote. However, being a proxy and voting for an absen…

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