2016 June
Focus on... Law & Legislation

Law & Legislation Legislative Roundup
2016 June Legislative Roundup

The legislative season is upon us, and in many states, bills specifically dealing with condos, co-ops and HOAs are wending their way through the legislative process. Even when bills aren’t aimed directly at those forms of home ownership, ma…

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Law & Legislation Six Big Things Attorneys Wish Boards Knew
2016 June Six Big Things Attorneys Wish Boards Knew

Whether you serve on the board of a co-op, condo or HOA, chances are you and your fellow community administrators are volunteers. Perhaps you’re fortunate enough that you or one of your colleagues has professional legal expertise to bring t…

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Law & Legislation Handling Litigation
2016 June Handling Litigation

No one likes a lawsuit. Whether filing one or finding yourself on the receiving end of one, they can cause stress, anxiety and an upending of daily life. They can be expensive, take months—even years—to resolve, and often result in hurt fee…

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Board Operations Choosing an Attorney for Your Association
2016 June Choosing an Attorney for Your Association

Not every condominium or homeowners’ association is going to run afoul of the law—the happy truth is that litigation and legal trouble are relatively rare occurrences. But even the most upstanding board of trustees in New England must navig…

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Board Operations Managing Municipal Reimbursements
2016 June Managing Municipal Reimbursements

Let’s imagine that your boss invites you to a group dinner to celebrate her recent promotion. At dinner, you have a tasty salad and one glass of the house red, but your colleagues all have multiple cocktails; somebody orders the surf-and-tu…

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Q&A Q&A: Delinquent Owner's Rights
2016 June Q&A: Delinquent Owner's Rights

Q.   I am the president of an association in Massachusetts. We have been under the impression that if an owner is delinquent in paying a monthly fee that an automatic lien is created on the property, thus preventing such owner from voting…

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Q&A Q&A: Making an Assessment
2016 June Q&A: Making an Assessment

Q. I’m trying to get information on or determine what specifically a board cannot assess owners for. Our bylaws are extremely clear on what we can assess for—largely major improvements for the building. However, what can’t or shouldn’t the…

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