2017 November
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance Self-Managing Maintenance
2017 November Self-Managing Maintenance

Whether because of convenience, the desire for autonomy, or a tight budget, some condo and HOA communities opt not to retain an outside management company or an agent to handle their respective day-to-day administrative and maintenance need…

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Maintenance Optimizing HVAC
2017 November Optimizing HVAC

Everyone loves the turning of the seasons, what with leaves changing and snow falling and pools opening and the like. But Mother Nature has little concern for the comfort of humans, so fluctuating temperatures bring the need for residential…

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Maintenance Laundry Room Maintenance
2017 November Laundry Room Maintenance

Can you imagine living in a condo or co-op that doesn’t have a laundry room? These days, having on-site laundry facilities for residents isn’t an amenity – it’s a necessity, and keeping yours functional and well-maintained is just as import…

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Q&A Q&A:  Insurance for contractors
2017 November Q&A: Insurance for contractors

Q. My boyfriend lives in a condo. The association and management asked if he’d be interested in painting the interior hallways and decks. No ladders would be involved. His background is in roofing. Management said he needs proof of insura…

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