Altitude Adjustment High-Tech Security Hits a Plateau

Americans have always loved high-tech gadgets. Whether it’s an elaborate crime being solved on CSI or James Bond using a laser-guided device to defeat the bad guys, high-tech is endlessly entertaining. But when it comes to real life – such as dealing with security at a condominium – high-tech devices are embraced only up to a point. Security-conscious condo associations like advanced technology, but it must pass muster on a number of levels.

No association wants to lay out scarce cash on security devices that only Hollywood producers could afford. Likewise, no owner wants to grapple with security that requires memorizing a 524-page manual and multiple passwords.

In today’s economy, security is still a priority but demand for high-tech devices is trending downmarket. While condos are still willing to buy and install high-tech security, their expectations have changed lately.

They’re now looking for designs based on proven technologies versus more trendy experimental ones. Unwilling to write a blank check for the latest and greatest, condo owners and boardsare looking at former cutting-edge technologies, frequently combined in innovative ways to create value.

For instance, in the area of access control, nothing is sexier than voice recognition or retinal scans. Who wouldn’t love barking out their name and having their front door spring open? But using fingerprint recognition to control access, while not as cutting-edge, turns out to pretty much do the same job, at a vastly cheaper price, under $300 a unit.


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