2009 Dec
Focus on... Safety & Security

Security "Survive or Thrive?"
2009 Dec "Survive or Thrive?"

“Survive or thrive,” was the challengeissued to recession-weary exhibitors for the upcoming New England Condominium Expo. The throw-down came during “Expo University,” a recent day-long exhibitor workshop focused on getting the most retu…

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Security What's Secure
2009 Dec What's Secure

In today’s high-tech world, security can look a lot like a sci-fi movie. Golf carts can be equipped with laser systems that will read license plates and check them against a computer list of approved vehicles. Elevators will only travel…

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Security Safety Basics
2009 Dec Safety Basics

When it comes to residents’ safety within a condominium community, it’s the tragedies such as pool drownings, fires and floods that make headlines. But the real villains – measured by the number of actual accidents – are the subtle flaws…

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Security Altitude Adjustment
2009 Dec Altitude Adjustment

Americans have always loved high-tech gadgets. Whether it’s an elaborate crime being solved on CSI or James Bond using a laser-guided device to defeat the bad guys, high-tech is endlessly entertaining. But when it comes to real life – s…

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Security Common-Sense Security
2009 Dec Common-Sense Security

When it comes to our homes, nothing is more important than feeling safe. We want to know that our kids can ride their bikes, that we can walk the dog at night, that we can go on vacation without wondering what will happen when we’re gon…

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Security 2010 Outlook
2009 Dec 2010 Outlook

It’s been a roller-coaster ride wild enough to churn even the sturdiest of stomachs: Unemployment is up, property values down, bankruptcies rising, sales dipping and then lurching upward again. For many community associations,…

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Security To Ski or Not to Ski
2009 Dec To Ski or Not to Ski

To ski or not to ski: that is the question in Killington, Vermont. Known as the best skiing in the East, it is hard to separate Killington from skiing. Dominated by the Killington-Pico Resort, the town of Killington is a thriv…

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