To Ski or Not to Ski Killington, Vermont Offers Geat skiing and More

To ski or not to ski: that is the question in Killington, Vermont.

Known as the best skiing in the East, it is hard to separate Killington from skiing. Dominated by the Killington-Pico Resort, the town of Killington is a thriving winter resort that draws over 15,000 skiers on its busiest days.

But it is not skiing that draws the stream of bikers who roar through Killington for “Thunder through the Mountains,” the town-sponsored motorcycle rally held every September. And it is the cool green of a Vermont summer, rather than drifts of snow, that draws hikers and retirees from Florida to Killington.

Dariece Kirby-Kline of Killington’s Economic Development and Tourism Department explains, “It’s true that winter is our busiest season and most of our businesses are concentrated around skiing; but we transform in the summer and our ski shops turn to bike shops and we focus on summer tourism.” Killington’s numerous restaurants, hotels, inns and nightclubs are eager to serve visitors all year round.

Located in central Vermont at the base of the Green Mountain National Forest, Killington was originally chartered in 1761. The town changed its name to Sherburne in 1800 and remained Sherburne for almost 200 years. In 1999, the name was returnedto the original Killington to correct confusion and solidify the town’s relationship to the mountain.


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