Beware of Shortcuts Cutting Corners on Maintenance Projects Seldom Pays Off

 For many condominiums, roofing systems, siding and pavement represent their largest overall replacement burdens. Because these types of projects often require an association to either exhaust a large chunk  of its existing reserves, or require an assessment for funding, there is sometimes an attemptto “value engineer” such projects to keep the cost as low as possible. Unfortunately, compromising  the scope of a project in order to accomplish one’s budget rarely proves successful.  

 Replace More Than Roof Shingles

 For example, your condominium’s shingled roofs are 20-plus years old, and it’s about time to replace them.  

 However, replacing the roofing shingles alone is almost never the correct course of action. A very basic shingle replacement project, assuming minimal above-roof items like dormers, skylights and chimneys, typically costs approximately $5 to $6/squarefoot. More complex roof replacements can often exceed $10/square foot.  

 Larger Building Envelope


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