Material Differences Alternative Fence, Deck & Siding Products are Worth a Look

 When a condo’s fencing, decking or siding wear out and need replacement, smart condos are  looking well beyond “apple-for-apple” replacement materials.  

 Wood siding, a favorite for decades, is frequently being replaced by vinyl  siding or even fiber cement, both of which can mimic the look of wood. When wood decks fail, lumber is beingreplaced by a variety of composite materials. And in fencing, failing wood is  steadily being replaced by PVC (polyvinyl chloride).  

 Because decks, fences and siding have to be replaced so often, condos that  utilize newer materials that need less maintenance can realize considerable  savings over time – a key feature in these penny-pinching times.  

 Fenced In

 There are four kinds of fencing generally used by community associations:  chain-link, wood, PVC and ornamental. Chain-link is cheaper thanwood, which is cheaper than PVC. Ornamental fences, the priciest of all, are  usually made of expensive metals like wrought iron, aluminum or steel.  

 Chain-link is the way to go when the primary purpose is security. Placed around the entire perimeter of a property, the tennis court or swimming pool area, chain-link does the job, but is not exactly the most attractive option.


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