2011 March
Focus on... Exterior Maintenance

Maintenance New England Condo Expo
2011 March New England Condo Expo

 Good information and clear communication are crucial for anyone involved with  the administration of a condominium or homeowners association—crucial not just to thriving, but surviving in today’s challenging economic times. Finding that i…

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Maintenance Invasion of the Night Crawlers
2011 March Invasion of the Night Crawlers

 Virtually unheard of for decades, bedbugs are now making a fierce comeback  around the country, including New England. “The problem is astronomical. Every phone call is about bedbugs,” says Galvin Murphy, president of Yankee Pest Control …

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Maintenance Paving the way for Spring
2011 March Paving the way for Spring

 When the days finally lengthen and the mornings lose that bitter chill, it’s time to assess the damage wrought by another New England winter. For the board  members and the property manager of a community association, that wintertime  dam…

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Maintenance Material Differences
2011 March Material Differences

 When a condo’s fencing, decking or siding wear out and need replacement, smart condos are  looking well beyond “apple-for-apple” replacement materials.    Wood siding, a favorite for decades, is frequently being replaced by vinyl  …

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Maintenance Go With Your Gutter
2011 March Go With Your Gutter

Everyone knows the old phrase about April showers bringing May flowers, but what the saying doesn’t tell you is that the rain in April can also bring a lot of damage to your gutter system. Hard rain and blustery wind are always around o…

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Maintenance Seasonal Walk-Throughs
2011 March Seasonal Walk-Throughs

It’s a simple equation: Warmer temperatures and melting snow means that spring is rearing its head around winter’s chilly corner. And aside from the change of wardrobe, there’s one other thing that condominium residents have to look forwa…

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Maintenance Waterville Valley, New Hampshire
2011 March Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

 One of New England’s more unique resort communities, Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, beckons like  an oasis from the heart of the White Mountain National Forest. Two hours from  Boston and served by one main road – Route 49 –the village…

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Q&A: How do you Assess "Limited Common Areas?"
2011 March Q&A: How do you Assess "Limited Common Areas?"

Q My condo board has given notice to a maintenance increasefor this year after a five-year assessment, which is to expire next year. If an owner has several combined units and has incorporated the common hallway usage for their pers…

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Q&A: Installation of Satellite Dishes Against Rules?
2011 March Q&A: Installation of Satellite Dishes Against Rules?

Q What can be done when an association board allows members to install satellite dishes on common property (roofs) when our rules clearly state such installations are prohibited?­­­­ The FCC allows for satellite dishes to be installed o…

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