Meetings 101 What Everyone Needs to Know About Board Governance

Serving on a community association board is a big responsibility, but surprisingly, many board members and unit owners don’t fully understand the rules and requirements of the board meetings themselves.

And even more surprisingly, many are unaware of the number of board meetings required each year.

“As a matter of reality, it’s very common that a state statute or condo documents will require at least one open meeting a year for an annual meeting,” says Gary Daddario, an attorney with Perkins & Anctil PC in Westford, Massachusetts, who is licensed in New Hampshire as well. “Beyond that, you look to the condo bylaws to see what is necessary. We see everything from two meetings a year, to a meeting every quarter to a meeting every month.”

Requirements vary from state to state and association to association, based on the particular condominium documents involved.

“In other states there may be stated requirements, but in Massachusetts what is required is set forth only in the condominium bylaws, which may differ from association to association,” says Henry Goodman, a partner in the Dedham, Massachusetts-based Goodman, Shapiro & Lombardi, LLC, which also has offices in Rhode Island. “However, generally one sees a requirement in the bylaws here for at least monthly meetings and more if the board so decides.”


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  • what is the NH state law regarding the dissemination of the minutes of an association's board meeting--not annual meeting/
  • I am a Director at a" Member Owned" Camp- ground. We are not a permanent residence, we are closed in the winter. We have 9 Board Meetings and one annual Member meeting, all members can attend all of these meetings. However, before each meeting we Directors have a meeting to discuss Campground business .. we call these pre-meetings our "workshop". Does the workshop have to be open to members??
  • FRom Connecticut. What percentage of unit owners do we need to get this board replaced and off this board? We are 40 units in our complex?
  • Can a condo board all of a sudden stop owners from attending monthly meeting, only giving the owners 10 minutes to speak before the meeting starts?
  • In Massachusetts, can the condo board at the Annual Meeting reject ballots if you 1. do not vote for all candidates on the ballot 2. write in candidates or refuse to permit nominees from the floor?
  • Using 1/3 of unit owners vote, we are calling a Special Meeting to vote out the current board and vote in a new board. We are a MA condo association. Owners have not been given proper financials outlined in MA 183 and the management co has not done the required audit. Any advise on how this Special meeting should be run given the issue?
  • Each month the Board of Directors hold a meeting to go over finances, work in progress and other subject matters. All members are invited to sit a these meetings. These meeting are held at a Board's home. We are told to inform the Board if you would like to attend. One woman asked to attend a meeting (there are other members going) and she was told that she cannot attend because they have too many resident's going to the meeting. She was also told that she was allowed to speak or bring up her outstanding issue and that they will get back to her in May. My question is, if a member is in good standing, can the Board refuse to let him/her attend? Also how long does the Board have to answer a question of a member?
  • I want to run for a position on our HOA. While the by laws of non traditional attendance have not been written to keep up with advances with technology Is there any specific regulations which prohibit using Speaker generated attendance or Skype for attending meetings I would miss 4 monthly meetings a year
  • How can HOA members hold the president of the HOA responsible for not holding required meetings or making financials transparent?