2011 October
Focus on... Association Operations

Board Operations Making the Grade
2011 October Making the Grade

Management companies are hired by boards to oversee operations because there are simply too many moving parts for volunteers to handle. To this end, it’s the board’s responsibility to do its due diligence and select the best fit and ente…

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Board Operations Board Transparency
2011 October Board Transparency

Any recent web search of condominium news will reveal countless blog posts from disgruntled unit owners, many of whom feel their individual associations have been less than transparent in controversial board decisions. But these calls …

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Board Operations Choosing Wisely
2011 October Choosing Wisely

Whether a community is self-managed or employs a management company, a condominium board of trustees will at some point have to make decisions about how and from whom the building gets its supplies and services. Because of this inescap…

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Board Operations Meetings 101
2011 October Meetings 101

Serving on a community association board is a big responsibility, but surprisingly, many board members and unit owners don’t fully understand the rules and requirements of the board meetings themselves. And even more surprising…

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Board Operations Snowbirds in Flight
2011 October Snowbirds in Flight

Birds in flight may be beautiful, but their departure sometimes leaves the nest unprotected. And when that nest is in a condominium community, property managers and boards must do their best to compensate. This region is full …

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Board Operations Picturesque Hamilton, Massachusetts
2011 October Picturesque Hamilton, Massachusetts

In some ways, Hamilton, Massachusetts, located in the area known as the “North Shore” (north of Boston), is the quintessential New England town. There are fields and woods and historic homes and easy access to the ocean. On the other han…

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Board Operations Found Money
2011 October Found Money

Is there a condominium community anywhere that doesn’t need to build up its capital reserve? Looking for extra income, some communities show success with traditional fund-raising methods. But even better, new technologies are cropping u…

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Board Operations Keep Them Safe
2011 October Keep Them Safe

Trick or treat! It’s that time of year when pumpkins are picked and decorated, costumes are chosen and all the children in the association are anxiously waiting for Halloween. But for the association, this is also a time of concern as c…

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Board Operations Serving the Management Profession
2011 October Serving the Management Profession

Whether you are dipping your toe in the real-estate buying pool for the first time, or you’re soaking in it after purchasing numerous properties, the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) is an organization to take note of. …

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Board Operations Q&A: Behind in Condo Fees?
2011 October Q&A: Behind in Condo Fees?

Q I have a bit of a tricky issue. I am the trustee of a self-managed triple-decker condo in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. The owner of the second floor has become ill and as a result, has not been at home, and consequently has not paid …

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Q&A: Signing a Confidentiality Agreement
2011 October Q&A: Signing a Confidentiality Agreement

Q “Is it legal to require board members to sign a confidentiality form even though it is not stipulated in the bylaws?” —Legitimately Concerned A “Of course it is legal for the board to require board members to sign a…

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