Sustainable Initiatives for Condos & HOAs Is Harvesting Rainwater Right for Your Association

 Unless someone strenuously objects, I‘d like to start an argument. When it comes to sustainability and the “green” theme, condominiums and HOAs don’t get no respect.  

 The primary focus of the U.S. Green Building Council and its Leadership in  Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program is on the design of new  construction. Propose a tower in Dubai with a couple of solar panels and the  project goes viral. Implied is the proposition that LEED certification brings  with it recognition of reduced future operating costs, which translates to  higher market value at resale.  

 Yes, it’s certainly true that it’s easier to introduce new technology at the conceptual design stage than trying  to fit it into existing construction. Still, it seems to me that the LEED  program is noticeably less inspirational when it addresses existing  multi-housing. Few of us will become uncontrollably motivated in trying to save  the planet and operating costs through more efficient cleaning products and low  VOC paints. And yet, a case might be made that perhaps those of us in the  industry share some responsibility for this. Perhaps if we shared more of what  we discovered works (and does not work) in controlling capital and operating  costs we might get some long deserved recognition.  

 Consider Multi-Housing Initiatives

 After all, where else but in existing construction could the feasibility of  now-accepted sustainable techniques and products be tested?  


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