2012 April
Focus on... Landscaping & Lawn Care

The New England Condo Expo
2012 April The New England Condo Expo

 The topics are timely, the advice is free—and it’s all done with a personal touch. Hang up the phone, close the laptop. Come get  the latest information about community association operations at the 2012 New  England Condo Expo !   …

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Landscaping Eco-Friendly Landscaping
2012 April Eco-Friendly Landscaping

In the face of rising water costs, maintenance costs, and a continued depressed housing market, many community associations are finding long-term savings through new landscape strategies that also help our environment. Eco-friendly lan…

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Landscaping Chemical Concerns
2012 April Chemical Concerns

Since the 1950s, American lawns have been “hooked” on petroleum-based and synthetic chemicals. A plethora of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers have been eagerly embraced by both homeowners and landscape professionals, w…

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Landscaping Treating Trees
2012 April Treating Trees

 Months have slipped by, but it’s not easy to forget the damage that last year’s brutal weather brought to the trees in the New England area. In June, severe  tornadoes touched down in Massachusetts, leaving total devastation in their  wak…

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Landscaping Feeling Flowerful?
2012 April Feeling Flowerful?

 The phrase, “April showers bring May flowers” is a classic—but in real-life condo communities, beautiful, abundant flowers are a bit more  complicated than merely a little bit of rainfall, and don’t just spring up overnight. Colorful flow…

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Management The Big 10
2012 April The Big 10

 Part of the job of a condo board is to keep your association’s grounds or lawn looking healthy and attractive. After all, curb appeal can do  wonders when it comes to appraisals and even the morale of your community  members. But most con…

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Insurance The Insurance Puzzle
2012 April The Insurance Puzzle

 Insurance sounds like a simple concept: you pay a premium to your insurer, and  then when you file a claim, your insurer pays you. Simple. Insuring a  condominium or association property shouldn’t be much different than insuring yourself—…

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Real Estate Trends Catering to Man's Best Friend
2012 April Catering to Man's Best Friend

 Pet owners certainly love their dogs and consider them a part of the family.  With an estimated 40,000 dogs in the city of Boston alone, (as per  allstateanimalcontrol.com), it’s no wonder businesses and city dwellings are jumping on the …

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Q&A: In Violation of the Rules
2012 April Q&A: In Violation of the Rules

Q Our rules and regulations state that owners may not have more than 2 pets, one of which may be a dog. One of the unit owners who also happens to be a board member keeps 4 dogs in her unit as pets. Since she is a board member, the boar…

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Q&A: Rules for Extra Tenant
2012 April Q&A: Rules for Extra Tenant

Q I have lived in a unit for the past three years. I am planning on having my boyfriend move in with me in a few months. Are there any community or state rules or regulations that will prevent this from happening? —Settling In …

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