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Building Draffted Ice Dams
2011 November Draffted Ice Dams

It’s a very special formula, says Ralph Noblin of the professional engineering firm Noblin & Associates. In New England, we literally went close to 20 years without that formula coming together. As a decades-long veteran of condo engine…

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Building Up to Code
2011 November Up to Code

 Every resident living in a building with more than two stories understands the  convenience an elevator affords. While antiquated forms of the modern elevator  date back to Ancient Rome, the first passenger hydraulic elevator was installe…

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Building Breathing Easy
2011 November Breathing Easy

When you live in a multifamily building with possibly hundreds of people residing under one roof, cooking, cleaning, dusting, and breathing, it’s no surprise that the airways, chutes, and garbage rooms can get clogged and dirty over tim…

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Building Close Encounters with Wildlife
2011 November Close Encounters with Wildlife

 Winter is coming, and they’re looking for a cozy place to hunker down, stay warm and dry, and maybe raise a  family. And like relatives stopping in for a vacation, they’re cute at first, but more than likely will overstay their welcome. …

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Building Q&A: Who Pays for Soggy Alarm System?
2009 Nov Q&A: Who Pays for Soggy Alarm System?

Q I live in a top floor apartment of a condo building. There has been a leak from the roof for a few years. The condo has been trying to stop the source of the leak over that time period, but to no avail. They have now hired a roofer, w…

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Building Maintenance Issues
2009 Nov Maintenance Issues

When it comes to the windows in your complex, like most people, you’re probably focused on energy conservation – keeping the air conditioning inside in the summer and the cold air outside in the winter. While you’re probably aware that not…

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Building Environmental Issues
2009 Nov Environmental Issues

Saving money by going green sounds great, but who has that initial capital in these tough economic times? The average person can’t afford the luxury of buying solar panels or driving a hybrid car, however, there are many energy-saving cha…

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Building Unwanted Guests
2009 Nov Unwanted Guests

These 12- to 15-pound birds were once migratory animals, but they lost that instinct when they were employed as live decoys by hunters. In the 1930s, live decoys were outlawed and the captive geese were turned loose, multiplying exponential…

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Building Montpelier, Vermont
2009 Nov Montpelier, Vermont

Montpelier, Vermont is not a big place. In fact, residents proudly explain that it is the smallest capital city in the United States. They will also patiently point out that, although only a couple hours from French-speaking Quebec, the…

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Building Slipping and Sliding Preempted
2009 Nov Slipping and Sliding Preempted

With the arrival of the snowfall season in New England, most community associations are hurriedly pulling out their snow blowers and double checking their plowing contracts. At a few condominiums, however, the arrival of winter is being gr…

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