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Finance Federal Form 1120-H, 990 or 1120?
2008 July Federal Form 1120-H, 990 or 1120?

For the uninitiated, tax filing for something as complicated as a community association can seem more than daunting. Fortunately, there are multiple options for homeowners associations, and with a little background knowledge, you can tak…

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Finance Greening for Savings
2008 July Greening for Savings

From your neighbor’s spiffy hybrid automobile to Leonardo DiCaprio’s “célèbre-green” status, it’s clear that increased attention to the environment is both vitally important and in vogue. It is also clear that there is huge savings poten…

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Finance Arrow with dollar bills pointing up. Concept shot for currency exchange rate going up, inflation, economic boom
As Costs Rise, So Do Carrying Charges

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) estimates that 74 million Americans live in communities managed by homeowners associations, of which condos account for 35% to 40%. That’s a lot of people - many of whom may be in for a nasty shock…

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