2009 August
Focus on... Insurance

Insurance Filling the Gaps
2009 August Filling the Gaps

Afire sweeps through a row of condominiums, some of them partially-built units that were caught in the financial downturn. What happens when empty condo units, finished or otherwise, suffer damage? Who pays to rebuild them? Ac…

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Insurance Riding Out the Storm
2009 August Riding Out the Storm

 As homeowner insurance costs continue to escalate in the coastal regions of New England, it has become harder to successfully wade through the morass of deductibles and  policy lingo on storm insurance coverage. But with a little knowledg…

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Insurance Injured on the Job
2009 August Injured on the Job

 The roof of your condominium survived relatively unscathed through yet another  New England winter (OK, there was that one leak), but the condominium board has  unanimously agreed that it's time to reshingle.    You’ve taken bids a…

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Insurance Missing Money
2009 August Missing Money

 With the economy in the throes of the worst financial crisis in decades, it’s no wonder that the world’s second oldest profession – thievery – is on the rise. The nefarious Bernie Madoff and others of his ilk have highlighted the  vulnera…

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Insurance Provincetown Massachusetts
2009 August Provincetown Massachusetts

Pop quiz: Where did the Pilgrims first land in America? Plymouth, you say? No, actually –Plymouth may have the rock, but Provincetown, Massachusetts, is actually where the Mayflower first dropped anchor. In fact, Provincetown is the…

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