2009 May
Focus on... Community Building & Amenities

Community Building What's Old is New
2009 May What's Old is New

Condominium managers, boards and residents have long known the benefits of clustered housing. They know first-hand what it is like to live in a community with others. They've been able to enjoy the smaller ecological footprint of highe…

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Community Building Summer's Almost Here?!?!
2009 May Summer's Almost Here?!?!

Oh, those lazy dog days of summer, lounging beside the pool with a cool drink and a good book, the scent of suntan lotion drifting through the air. Most who are fortunate enough to have a condominium pool know the enjoyment that it can …

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Community Building Shoestring Socials
2009 May Shoestring Socials

Americans today are working harder and spending more time on the job these days. And when they finally arrive home at night, they tend to turn on their computers, iPods or televisions as their primary source of entertainment. In fact, …

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Community Building Next Generation Playgrounds
2009 May Next Generation Playgrounds

Unfortunately, what was fun for us at the time was also pretty dangerous. Children often fell off the teeter-totters, slides and monkey bars onto rock-hard asphalt or concrete surfaces, jacket strings got entangled on slides and merry-go…

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Energy Conservation Environmental Issues
2009 May Environmental Issues

 So you’ve just moved into your new condo and you want to hit the ground running in  terms of energy and water conservation.    But you’re realizing that it’s not quite as simple as when you owned a single-family home. You’re now be…

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Law & Legislation Legal Briefs
2009 May Legal Briefs

 There seem to be at least two contrasting views of expensive community  association recreational amenities – one that’s favorable, and another that’s cautiously skeptical. The first view is generally held by a minority of a  condominium’s…

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Community Building Reaching Out
2009 May Reaching Out

One irony of modern life is that being in close proximity to your neighbors doesn’t necessarily make you closer to your neighbors. Often people live near each other and don’t know each other well. At best, people might know just a handf…

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