Environmental Issues Greening Your Condo is Different than a Single-Family Home

 So you’ve just moved into your new condo and you want to hit the ground running in  terms of energy and water conservation.  

 But you’re realizing that it’s not quite as simple as when you owned a single-family home. You’re now beholden to your fellow owners with respect to improvements that may  affect common building elements, like removing siding to blow in insulation,  and you can no longer make decisions relating to this as a “free-agent.” Now you have your condo board to answer to.  

 Fear not, there are still many ways that you can make improvements to your own  unit, without affecting other owners or those shared building elements. Some of  these are simple and inexpensive, others a bit more difficult, but rest assured  that there are many improvements that you can make as soon as you take the  condo keys.  

 Let’s begin with water conservation. Addinglow-flow shower heads and faucet aerators are in the low-hanging fruit category  here. These improvements save energy as well as water by helping to reduce hot  water use, in addition to cold water.  

 Repairing toilet and faucet leaks, especially in hot water faucets, can also net  substantial savings. To get an idea of how much water a simple faucet drip  wastes, check out this drip calculator at wiser/dripcalc.cfm.


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