2010 March
Focus on... Exterior Maintenance

Maintenance Come Prepared To Learn!
2010 March Come Prepared To Learn!

 Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 12, 2010 – that’s when New England Condominium magazine’s annual New England Condo Expo returns to the Seaport World Trade Center at 200  Seaport Boulevard in Boston, showcasing over 150 exhibitors f…

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Maintenance By the Sea
2010 March By the Sea

For many, having a home by the ocean is the embodiment of a dream come true. For condominium managers and board members, though, there is also the responsibility of caring for and protecting these homes from the added wear-and-tear cau…

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Maintenance Up on the Rooftop
2010 March Up on the Rooftop

 The roof carries a lot of responsibility – it protects those living inside it, insulates them from the heat and colds and  shelters them from harsh New England winters. And it’s because of these major responsibilities that it needs to be …

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Maintenance Repairing Winter's Damage
2010 March Repairing Winter's Damage

 Spring beckons, with the promise of all those blossoms bursting with color from early flowering  bulbs. If only it were that simple.    Spring beckons, all too often, with fungus on the lawns, desiccated yews, branches dangling fro…

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Maintenance Update or Upgrade?
2010 March Update or Upgrade?

Everyone agrees that condominiums need to be painted regularly. But ask what color should be used, and you could get as many answers as there are people living in the building. Aesthetic continuity can be extremely important to…

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Maintenance Don't Feed the Bears!
2010 March Don't Feed the Bears!

Ah, the return of spring and our feathered friends who make this season so special! Time to break out another bag of seed and fill up the bird feeder as the year-round bird population is joined by the returning migrants. Or is it? If y…

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Maintenance Q&A—Joe Saurino
2010 March Q&A—Joe Saurino

Q A few years back, the prior board passed a motion to charge all future unit  owners with dogs a $50 fee per month because of an existing dog that would  occasionally defecate in the building. There was no analysis conducted to  determin…

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Maintenance Q&A—Ronald Perl
2010 March Q&A—Ronald Perl

Q A resident needs to have a chair rail installed so she can access her second  floor apartment in our condo building, built in the 1950s. Who pays for the  chair rail and the installation, the resident or the condo association?    — …

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