2013 December
Focus on... Safety & Security

Security What Lurks Within Those Walls?
2013 December What Lurks Within Those Walls?

Hazardous materials can haunt any property. While lead paint is considered a potential problem only in structures built before 1978, contemporary projects can be dogged with the discovery of radon in the interior air or water. And brand-ne…

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Security Snow Control
2013 December Snow Control

A billboard brags about a car with “all-wheel-drive for the winter months and a sunroof for the summer ones,” and New Englanders smile knowingly. Nevertheless, the fact is that Northeastern winters can be serious business, and for few more…

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Security Watching the Neighborhood
2013 December Watching the Neighborhood

One gated community in Sanford, Florida was struggling with security issues. In a one-year time period, from January 1, 2011 through February 26, 2012, police were called to The Retreat at Twin Lakes more than 400 times. Reports show that …

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Security State of Surveillance
2013 December State of Surveillance

There are many different factors that potential condominium owners contemplate when looking to buy a unit. Aesthetics, price, and location are important, for sure. But perhaps the most critical factor of all is the safety of the building a…

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Q&A: These Pets are Too Big
2013 December Q&A: These Pets are Too Big

Q My condo association has a bylaw that limits the size and number of pets. About a year ago, a person moved in with a large puppy that has grown to be a very large dog. I reported it to the management and they did some investigating—then…

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Q&A: Remediating Bedbugs
2013 December Q&A: Remediating Bedbugs

Who is legally responsible for 1) coordinating treating and 2) paying for treating bedbugs in a condominium unit? If one of the condo units is rented out to a tenant by the unit owner, does that change things? Once it spreads, what happens…

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