2014 February
Focus on... Board/Owner Relations

Owner Relations Cultivating Community
2014 February Cultivating Community

The ethos of a homeowners association—to be open and welcoming—furthers the collective strength of a community. Therefore, it’s incumbent on trustees, board members and managers to foster a stronger, more cohesive sense of community. This …

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Owner Relations The Transition
2014 February The Transition

The goal of any property developer is to sell units, but until that objective is reached they have to assume all the day-to-day responsibilities to ensure smooth operations and continued sales. This requires wearing many hats—manager, bo…

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Come for the Day—Take Home Solutions
2014 February Come for the Day—Take Home Solutions

Whether you’ve just taken a seat on your condominium board of trustees, or are an old hand at association leadership, the position can be a daunting one. There are vendors to hire, budgets to balance and complaints to field. How do y…

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Owner Relations Board Owner Do’s and Don’ts
2014 February Board Owner Do’s and Don’ts

It only takes a few minutes of a web search to uncover the traits that make a successful person or business owner. For example, Entrepreneur magazine’s Steven Key wrote the article, “5 Qualities of Successful Persons,” which included such …

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Owner Relations Keeping Track of Paperwork
2014 February Keeping Track of Paperwork

While keeping the records of the association is not the most fascinating part of serving on a board of trustees, it is in some ways the most important. In fact, the flow of paperwork is the lifeblood of the community. The association…

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Maintenance Spring is Just Around the Corner
2014 February Spring is Just Around the Corner

With freshly-fallen snow blanketing your condominium landscape, it’s easy to be lulled into thinking the property really is “pretty as a picture.” But keep in mind that in a few short weeks, that blanket may be melted away, revealing an ar…

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Finance Minding Your Money
2014 February Minding Your Money

In the increasingly-paperless world of modern banking, there are fewer hands writing checks and processing transactions. With no need to physically deal with cash and checks, this should mean fewer mistakes — and better security. Does this…

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Q&A Q&A: Settling Late Fees at Sale
2014 February Q&A: Settling Late Fees at Sale

Q I am on the board of a condo. We have a unit owner who is in arrears on maintenance and has cumulative late fees of several hundred dollars. The late fees result from being consistently late in making payments over the last few years an…

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