2014 March
Focus on... Exterior Maintenance

The New England Condo Expo, Tuesday, May 20, 2014
2014 March The New England Condo Expo, Tuesday, May 20, 2014

While everyone dreams of “maintenance-free” living in a condominium, the reality is that every home — single-family or condominium — requires ongoing maintenance. The beauty of condominium living, of course, is that “someone else” — …

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Real Estate Trends To Market, To Market
2014 March To Market, To Market

Local real estate professionals contend that the market for condominiums is on a slow and, generally steady, uptick all over New England, but the place to sell a condo right now is definitely Boston, with an inventory that cannot meet dema…

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Maintenance Keeping it Clean
2014 March Keeping it Clean

Living in New England can be something of a dirty job. And the task of cleaning off months (or years) of accumulated grime and dirt from the exterior of a building takes much more than a scrub-brush and a bottle of Windex; it requires prof…

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Maintenance Staying Ahead of Trouble
2014 March Staying Ahead of Trouble

Remember the old jingle, ‘it takes a licking and keeps on ticking’? It was the famous tagline from the Timex watch advertisements. The gist of the ad is that no matter what you threw at it, a Timex watch kept working. If you think ab…

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Maintenance Saving for That Rainy Day
2014 March Saving for That Rainy Day

These days, just about everyone is cutting back on spending, either to make ends meet, saving for something special or a rainy day, paying off debt or funding their retirement. Consumers are cutting coupons, looking for deals and keeping a…

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Maintenance Up on the Roof
2014 March Up on the Roof

It’s not unusual today to find an array of amenities —pools, hot tubs, decks and similar areas for socializing — on top of new urban condominium buildings. Older residences may or may not have such facilities, but even without the steady u…

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Q&A Q&A: How Do We Notice Specific Rule Violations?
2014 March Q&A: How Do We Notice Specific Rule Violations?

Q In this day and age, must notices of rule violations be sent by certified mail? Can they be sent via priority/tracking mail? Can they be sent by email? Must complaints by others to a rules committee always be placed on standardized form…

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Q&A Q&A: Who Can Serve on the Board of Trustees?
2014 March Q&A: Who Can Serve on the Board of Trustees?

I am the vice president of a small condo community and we are trying to find out if non-homeowners can serve on the board. Several of the homeowners would like renters to have a proxy vote. However, being a proxy and voting for an absent ow…

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