2015 September
Focus on... Energy & The Environment

Energy Conservation The Green Movement
2015 September The Green Movement

Americans today are moving toward a more well-developed awareness of their environment, and what it takes to protect and preserve earth’s natural resources. City dwellers and suburbanites alike typically recycle paper, plastic and glass, a…

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Energy Conservation Energy-Saving Incentives
2015 September Energy-Saving Incentives

Trade-offs are a symptom of modern society, and we all find ourselves playing one zero-sum game or another. All the more reason to appreciate circumstances under which everyone wins, right? Enter the concept of energy incentives. Energy co…

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Energy Conservation Power-Up with Co-Generation
2015 September Power-Up with Co-Generation

The process of producing energy for metropolitan New England-area co-ops and condos has dramatically evolved in recent years, advancing to the point in which one energy professional has quipped, “The old way of using a traditional energy-p…

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Energy Conservation A Green New World
2015 September A Green New World

These days, as the summers get hotter, the storms get bigger, and climate change is finding its way into more headlines than ever before, more attention is being paid to the environment and how the average citizen can do his or her part to…

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Q&A Q&A: Seeking a Remedy for Arrears
2015 September Q&A: Seeking a Remedy for Arrears

Q One of the tenants in our small condo (it’s only six units) has been underpaying his monthly dues since August of 2012. The total amount he owes our building is just over $8,300. Two weeks before our annual unit owners meeting in Jun…

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Q&A Q&A: Removal of a Condo Trustee?
2015 September Q&A: Removal of a Condo Trustee?

Q Do the individual condo association board members and/or the president of the board of trustees have any legal rights in removing one of the directors? Do we as a condominium association have the legal right to remove a treasurer fro…

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