2016 April
Focus on... Landscaping & Lawn Care

Landscaping Flowers Forever
2016 April Flowers Forever

Jimmy Fallon. Drew Barrymore. The Sox. Of course, folks, we’re talking about the cinematic pearl Fever Pitch, a romantic comedy gem set upon the backdrop of the beloved Red Sox’ memorable 2004 World Series championship. But Fenway isn’t the…

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Landscaping Alteration Issues
2016 April Alteration Issues

It’s no secret that residents in condos or co-ops can be a fickle bunch, and many times decide to undertake a repair or remodeling project themselves, without going through the proper channels.  Maybe it’s a new owner who wants to make maj…

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Landscaping Is Hardscaping Right for Your Community?
2016 April Is Hardscaping Right for Your Community?

When most people think of landscaping, they think of shrubs, trees, meticulously laid-out and maintained flowerbeds, and artful plantings scattered around a building or development. However, landscaping doesn’t need to end with the things t…

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Design A New Look
2016 April A New Look

The lobby of one’s building is the first thing a unit owner sees when coming home, and the first part of the building any guest (or prospective buyer) sees. In light of that, it stands to reason that comfortable, appropriate lobby furnishin…

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Board Operations Where the Dollars Are
2016 April Where the Dollars Are

Few things can be as upsetting as discovering that the funds that fuel a co-op or condo have been mishandled—or worse yet, stolen. For residents, fraud undermines their sense of trust in the men and women who oversee and manage the place th…

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Q&A Q&A: Leaky Roof Repairs? Who Pays?
2016 April Q&A: Leaky Roof Repairs? Who Pays?

Q. I am the owner of an apartment unit in an eight-unit condo. The board of trustees consists of all eight unit owners, of which there are four officers seated on the board. My condo unit happens to be on the top floor, and over the past …

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